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WKDT420 2LIT online radio is a media blog that focus on the community as a whole.

A year ago, we started a talk show podcast. We focused on playing underground and independent artist music. In doing this we noticed the raw talent in the independent and underground entertainment industry.

Although our VISION is to be the largest internationally known and sought
after underground, online, satellite media blog.
Our MISSION is to be the bridge for all genres of underground, independent artist and business entrepreneurs of all facets.

Those who otherwise would not have the platform to grow and become the sensations they are. Collaborating with like-minded sponsors, our goal is to deliver an exceptional experience through outstanding values and innovation. Living up the our promise of being the “HOME OF THE UNDERGROUND AND INDIE ARTIST”

We’ve added live streaming to what we offer. We will come to you and live streaming and on the spot interview all while streaming your event, album release, festival, community event, etc, all for a very competitive rate.

We will be opening our cyber doors to those of you who always wanted to have a podcast but didn’t know where to start or where to begin. We have many things on the 2019 horizon and we want you to come and enjoy every moment of it.

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