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Twice a month, we have a show called “The Wind Down” where we showcase underground and independent artist in front of a live audience. This is the time where you share your knowledge and experience with your followers. They can also call the show and ask questions or just to say “Wassup”

Starting a business take alot of steps and manpower. As a underground artist, you are grinding by yourself.
We have a network of entreprenuers and artist who work together to help brand each other. We offer services and collaborate with various promoters and other entrepreneurs to offer you more exposure that is little or no cost to you.

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Our artist showcases is another platform we have to help brand you, the artist. With your very affordable registration fee, we are working HARD behind the scenes to ensure that we have the right INDUSTRY VIPs in the audience watching you perform.


This is where, for a very affordable price, we come to your event and we livestream your event on our major social media platforms. We can also conduct onsite interviews. Sometimes hearing your audience or patrons talk about how excited they where at your show or event, give you a since of pride know your crowd enjoyed your show/event.


Have you ever wanted to have your own podcast but didn’t know where to start? Do you have something to share and just need a platform? On May 1, 2019, we will be offering affordable hosting packages for your podcast.

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