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Welcome to N’Da Streetz.  This is where Ladee Royale and her special guest host Flubaby, will bring what’s happening in the streetz to you.  Interviews, events and the TEA.  Because we want you to know what’s going on “N’Da Streetz”.





It was a treat to be a part of the “Official” Atlanta Caribbean Carnival.  In this video I had the pleasure of interviewing the Atlanta President of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2018.

The Carnival last about a week and believe me when I tell you that it took me a week to recover..lol.  The WKDT420 crew and I had a blast.  The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival was AWESOME and EXCITING.  The costumes where gorgeous and the ladies and men wore then well and proud.  The committee truly outdone themselves this year.

The other events during this wonderful Carnival where CHILDRENS CARNIVAL, JOUVERT, FLAG DAY, CARNIVAL and on Memorial Day, there was Breakfast and more Carnival dancing and fun.  We are looking forward to next year and if you missed out this year, make sure to make it next year.  For more info on the “official” Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, go to https://www.atlantacarnival.org/