Hello everyone,  This is yo girl AtlPeach and Ladee Royale streaming live at the first annual LIT-NIK 2018.  Everything there was on point and LIT.

We had the pleasure of partying with the Mr. Lit-Ass wings himself,  when we tell you this young man right here can cook, that’s an understatement.  But we’d rather you try his food for yourselves and yes the wings can come lit or not.  But he do the damn thang in the kitchen.

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Donice, the Artist.  This is a very talented young man when you get in front of a canvass.  Make sure to visit him on social media.  We also introduced you to our special guest host for N’Da Streetz.  Ms Flubaby.  This young lady is an entrepreneur and wear many hats.   She bake “kakepops” and they can be infused with alcohol or not, but either way, they are off the chain.  Her business name is “Kandy Kakepops”  follow her on all social media as well.

Between having fun at LIT-NIK and having fun talking to all of you, we didn’t get a chance to get the man of the hour in front of the camera, Mr. 2LIT himself.  But that’s ok, we’ll get him next time.

Make sure to get your tickets to the next 2LIT entertainment party, LIT-O-WEEN Oct 27th.  Stay turned, we’ll keep you updated.  Enjoy the show.