Tonyjem The host of The Mansplanin show A charismatic multi-talented brother from Birmingham, AL. He sings, acts, writes and hosts. He's never met a crowd he didn't like. With a Mic in his hand and a chair, this man will uncover it all. He gets in-depth with the people that are making moves. Funny, Witty and Informed. Be sure to tune in when his show hits the air AtlPeach Co-Founder
Music Director
CEO of APeachyLife virtual assistant
AtlPeach has been in the independent media and entertainment industry for over 12 years. AtlPeach assisted in building a national organization but saw that her passion was in underground music which pushed her to host events as platforms for the underground artists. She now leads the Music dept in WKDT420 2lit radio, helping to develop and educate underground artists through the mission and vision of the company.
Ladee Royale WKDT420, CEO
WELIT entertainment, CEO
Wealth Nation, V.P of A&R
Artist Rewards, Co-Founder
Ladee Royale, has been in the independent media and entertainment industry for over 10 years. She began with hosting fashion shows and spoken word seminars. Creating a platform for independent and underground artists along with spoken word artists. Ladee Royale has always had a passion for helping others and saw the need in this industry where bridging the gap in the media and entertainment networking community together to achieve the same goals

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