On Jan 3, 2018, WKDT420 2Lit radio was founded by 3 innovators who had a combined experience of over 50yrs. They saw the need of doing something different in the entertainment and media industry which was bringing communities together. Because of this need WKDT420 2Lit Radio was born.

WKDT420 2Lit Radio offers something unique to the independent and underground industry, both media and entertainment. We stand on our commitment to the community and our loyal listeners of being the HOME OF THE UNDERGROUND AND INDEPENDENT ARTIST!


To increase and continue networking growth opportunities within the media and entertainment community through satellite, internet, and main stream radio.


To be the bridge for all genres in underground and independent entertainment industry as well as business entrepreneurs of all facets who otherwise would not have the platform to grow and become the sensation they are. Collaborating with like-minded sponsors and partners, delivering an exceptional experience.