Have you ever gotten a call from your past? An old friend? Ex-lover? Family member you wrote off? Whether it’s a new phone or a new life, Aykay’s anticipated single, “Who Diss?” is about cutting out the stale old energy to make way for the fresh and new. Set for release August 7th 2020, this song is an ambient thriller with hard hitting 808’s. Similar to his previous work, this track embodies the melodies we’ve come to love totally revamped. This new production from 24SEVN bumps, and it’s pushing Aykay’s sound in a new direction. It oozes with confidence.

“This song is a statement of where I am in my life,” Aykay says. “New Phone, Who Diss? Why are you calling me now? It’s been years. What could we possibly have to talk about? Take it however you want, but you had your time and you ended up wasting mine. I told you be patient, but you jumped ship when it wasn’t even sinking. You played yourself.”

It’s all about growth for Aykay and this track represents all he’s been building up to. When he was just 13 years old, Aykay told his father he wanted to make music. He’s come a long way since then. Now, ten years later, he’s actually in a position to make it happen. Opportunities like these don’t come around everyday, so he’s taking advantage of the offer while he can. Navigating the constant struggles of life, Aykay feels blessed to be pursuing his music career.

His work has developed as Aykay defined his unique style, creating a smooth mixture of rap, soul, and R&B. His approach to lyrics sets him apart from others. Rather than faking a glamorous front, Aykay writes from personal situations and the emotional responses he experiences. His lyrical content is a truth of history, a story, something he’s been close to. His songs are real, raw, and deep. They are pure expressions of himself.

“Every song that I put out comes from a situation or an emotion that I felt,” Aykay explains. “I try to write how I feel. It’s all from a real experience that I’ve been through. I’m not about to rap about Gucci or anything like that. I come as me. I want to be real.”

Authenticity is important to Aykay. He wants fans to experience his hurt and his pain, but to know that they can get through it. His music lifts listeners up, helping them believe that anything is possible. Aykay’s music becomes therapy, bringing happiness to himself and his fans. Writing about universal themes, audiences relate to Aykay’s music through similar experiences in their own lives, allowing them to overcome it.

A true music enthusiast, Aykay has been known to sit in the studio for days. As long as he has beats, he can work. He loves the grind and the whole experience of learning. Aykay’s mind is always turning with new ideas. Active, and full of energy, he raps with passion and fire. Between skateboarding and working out, physical action is what sparks his creativity. He likes to live in the moment, allowing ideas to come when his mind wanders.

But this is just the beginning for Aykay. He’s making waves and people are starting to take notice. “I want them to see how far I really came, even though I don’t flex,” Aykay says. His career is certainly growing rapidly. Backed by the support of an experienced team, Aykay has given his career an extra boost with the help of Wealth Nation. They’re guiding him towards greatness, pushing him to the top.

“Never underestimate the underdog,” Aykay warns. “The biggest thing that motivates me is that I could fail. But I haven’t yet! It’s the biggest motivator.”

If you’re looking for dope beats, then put Aykay on your radar. With music available on all major platforms, listen today, and be sure to keep your ears out for “Who Diss?” digitally streaming everywhere on August 7, 2020.