Soaking Up Late Summer Vibes with 6amma Ray

Written by Lydia Plantamura

Dropping cool singles to ease us through the late summer heat, 6amma Ray is preparing his new song, “Fast One,” for release in late August on his label, Wave Camp, with the support Wealth Nation and Sony. This track is a pick-me-up, something fun for working to, grooving to, or cruising to. Following his personal style, the track opens with a freestyle in the first verse, working up to the chorus, and then expanding the writing in the second verse. 6amma Ray likes to catch a vibe early in his songs and let it ride. It’s the type of song letting you know that with 6amma Ray, it’s more than just rap. While his last song was a polite introduction of his skills in the rap game, this release is showing people what he can really do. A showcase for all of his talent, 6amma Ray is using this opportunity to show audiences the true depth and range of his sound. He’s creating songs that appeal to a diverse audience, capable of topping music charts around the world.

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6amma Ray can rap and sing, creating songs of any genre. He’s been making music his whole life, starting with singing in church at the request of his Grandmother, who hoped it would keep him out of trouble. 6amma Ray gained vocal training while singing with the Pittsburgh African American Boys Choir under the direction of Dr. Johnson in Homewood on the east side of Pittsburgh. He was heavily influenced by artists like Jay-Z, Eminem, and 2pac. After the assassination of Tupac Shakur in 1996, 6amma Ray’s mother bought him Tupac’s poetry book, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.” It had a huge impact on 6amma Ray, as he showed great interest in writing. A true poet himself, 6amma Ray continues to write poetry which he keeps in a personal diary. Other artists 6amma Ray listened to in his youth include Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Michael Jackson, plus a vibrant collection of random reggae. As he grew older, he gravitated to the music of Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Outkast, and so many more. 6amma Ray appreciated the lyrics, sound, style of artists like these, recognizing them as business moguls just as much as creative artists.

One of 6amma Ray’s favorite memories in the industry so far came earlier in his career. He was working as a sound engineer on a show with Common. He put in hard work and was appreciated for it. The event felt special because it gave 6amma Ray the motivation to keep pursuing his passion. He respects Common and intends on matching that energy, pulling from it, and returning it to listeners.

With performances on hold during the pandemic, 6amma Ray is waiting until it’s safe again to schedule any shows, but he’s still making new music for fans. He’s releasing plenty of new singles and fresh videos over the next several months, continuing to deliver that positive energy. 6amma Ray is reaching out to fans through engagement on YouTube and Instagram, letting followers in on Wave Camp life.

He’s a self-described “computer geek” and a true lyrical poet. While he doesn’t necessarily care about opinions others might have about him, he’s open to constructive criticism and new information to learn and grow. 6amma Ray delivers his own point of view in his songs, always real and honest.

“Whatever you hear is me being myself,” he explains. “I don’t really fit into a stereotype. I’m too comfortable with myself to follow or fit into a bracket.”

Growing up was difficult for 6amma Ray. He comes from a rough neighborhood, but made it out. He never had to change who he was though. He’s still the same 6amma Ray: intelligent, focused, and determined. He won’t take no for an answer.

“You have to have blind faith in yourself,” 6amma Ray says. “Everybody wants that Tetris so bad, but they don’t know how to stack and get them big blocks.”

He always knew he wanted to be in or around music. It’s the only thing he can concentrate on. With the love and support of his mother and grandmother along the way, 6amma Ray eventually pursued a career in music. Originally from The Northside of Pittsburgh, PA, he traveled around for a time, serving in the U.S. Navy. While he was in the Navy, he made a friend named Breeze. Together, they would rap and write songs to pass the time, getting into freestyle battles on the mess deck. It made them feel like their true selves, helping them maintain identity in a world that tried to make them blend in. They both got out of the military at the same time and went to school for musical engineering. After that, they moved from California to open their studio, Wave Camp, in Brooklyn, New York. The musical the duo is always turning out quality work with a professional sound.

His loved ones are the most important thing to 6amma Ray. He built his label with friends and surrounds himself in the studio with people he trusts. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making his dream a reality, and his friends and family are on that journey with him. 6amma Ray is grateful. He’s trying to build something and he’s seeing it come together. After years of feeling like he was creating in the dark, 6amma Ray is proud to be bringing his dream into the light for all to enjoy.

Follow 6amma Ray on social media and listen out for his new single, “Fast One,” available August 21, 2020, on all major platforms.