​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sheimeka Jones (MsMek) was born Aug 13, 1991 in Cincinnati, OH. MsMek is an Independent Rap Artist. As a teenager MsMek loved to write poems, remix industry music, and freestyle. Having a rough lifestyle, writing music became a method she used to release tension and her true feelings. MsMek knew she was one of the few you considered a “Raw Spitter”. When MsMek was 18 she experienced the studio for the first time. Dropping songs and passing CDs around to her friends, made her determined to make more music. In 2013 MsMek got her first exposure at “New Music Monday” were a lot of the indie and local rappers went to perform in Covington, KY which is affiliated with Cincinnati, OH. MsMek developed her fan base quickly. Having a unique voice, raw music and confidence, people attracted to her like magnets. she started working on her first mixtape “Gotta Get It” in 2014, which then was released March 2014. MsMek made it on one of the Top Female Projects in Cincinnati “CINCINNATI FEMALE RIOT 2”, it brought her a lot of recognition from people all over her community. In 2015 MsMek dropped her First official Music Video Introducing one of her top hits “Best Believe” off “Gotta Get It” mixtape. MsMek then started having interference with battles in lifewhich caused her to slow down and completely deactivate her music . Putting together the new movie, MsMek and BP was networking in ATL a lot. In 2019 MsMek had her first show at Knockouts Bar Lounge in College Park, GA, the people loved MsMek and brought her back down the month after her First show. MsMek Traveled a lot in 2019 going to different cities and states; OH, KY and, IN promoting her music and performing. Currently MsMek Is still Traveling Dropping Hits and Building up her fan base. MSMEKMHB.